Compression of structured high-throughput sequencing data

You can either download a complete benchmark archive here (includes scripts/results [770K], and input data files [14GB]), or download subsets of the data in the table below. The table offers the option of comparing alignments in Goby H+T+D format with the same data in BAM format. 

Benchmark BAM files

 SampleID   Kind  Download BAM  Download Goby H+T+D (Tier II)  View in IGV
 HZFWPTI  Exome  [.bam][.bai] 550MB  [.entries] [.header] [.index] 42MB  [Open Session
 UANMNXR  Exome  [.bam][.bai] 501MB  [.entries] [.index] [.header] 38MB  [Open Session]
 MYHZZJH  RNA-Seq  [.bam][.bai] 2.8GB  [.entries] [.index] [.header] 80MB  [Open Session]
 ZHUUJKS  RNA-Seq   [.bam][.bai] 1.5GB  [.entries] [.index] [.header] 50MB  [Open Session]
 EJOYQAZ  RNA-Seq  [.bam][.bai] 904MB  [.entries] [.index] [.header] 118MB  [Open Session]
 JRODTYG  RRBS  [.bam][.bai] 1.1GB  [.entries] [.index] [.header] 211MB  [Open Session]
 ZVLRRJH  Methyl-Seq  [.bam][.bai] 1.6GB  [.entries] [.index] [.header] 430MB  [Open Session]
 XAAOBVT  WGS  [.bam][.bai] 1.4GB  [.entries] [.index] [.header] 117MB  [Open Session]
 UCCWRUX  WGS          [.bam][.bai] 1.4GB  [.entries] [.index] [.header] 92MB  [Open Session]
 HENGLIT  WGS  [.bam][.bai] 1.7GB  [.entries] [.index] [.header] 157MB  [Open Session]

Supplementary Figure 2 
We provide the data files used to render Supp. Fig. 2 to make it possible to inspect differences in detail in IGV. For instance, the interactive session makes it possible to zoom in to see differences, or to disable coloring by quality score to confirm many variations are conserved, but not their quality scores. These files can be loaded here:
HZFWPTI BAM file after CRAM S1 round trip (BAM ->CRAM 0.7 S1 -> BAM) [.bam] [.bai]  [Open Session]